The Procedure

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Enter the IUCC CSU payment portal
  2. Fill out your account details, select the vendor you wish to start working with (Azure, Google or Amazon) and enter the dollar amount you would like to credit to your account.
  3. You will receive an automated response that includes our price proposal, outlining the opening account balance you selected, plus VAT. You can submit this price proposal to your institution’s purchasing and acquisition department.
  4. Your purchasing and acquisition department should send the purchase order to IUCC. And you must upload it to
  5. Within one working day of receiving the purchase order, we will open your IUCC CSU account.


  • All financial transactions must be denominated in dollars. Any shekels transactions will be charged a 1% foreign exchange fee.
  • The minimum transaction is currently $500 to open an account. You can always add funds to your prepaid account. This procedure is  carried out by using and we will send a price proposal on the addition.
  • To get an overall picture of the actual costs, each vendor provides its own cost calculator. We will be happy to assist you in your calculations. Please just send us your proposed configuration or give us a call.
  • The price schedule for work with 3rd party is separate. Here you can find details on emind.
  • IUCC CSU allows changing designation cloud for the remaining credits in your project. Your previous account must be closed.
    • for example:
      • You’ve opened a $1000 AWS account and used $300, then finished with AWS account.
      • You can now use the $700 for a GCP or AZURE account for your project.
      • The AWS cloud account will be closed.