3rd Party Support by emind

The Architecture Workshop is comprised of 3 phases

• Initially we conduct a 2-4 hours meeting with IUCC team learning the company, it’s applications, services, system requirements, challenges, gaps and existing deployments that may exists while always raising questions and alternatives to address those the challenges.
• The second phase is where the architect works on the gathered information, builds the blueprint diagram and cloud resources definitions.
• The third phase IUCC and the architect review the suggested architecture and deployment specification alongside with effort estimation for the DevOps team to build and deploy the project.

Common workshop topics

• Applications tenancies – single / multi tenancy
• Application / service layout
• Application data flow (synchronous / asynchronous operations, batch processing)
• External / internal API’s
• Deployment topology
• Cloud resources usage, adaptation and cost optimizations
• Security and compliancy
• Scalability and growth capabilities
• High-availability & redundancy
• Data protection & business continuity
• Monitoring, logging operation and support
• Software & configuration deployment (continues deployment)

Price rate for the different support types

• Cloud Architecture Workshop is priced at *₪ 3000, this is a fixed price, up to 10 hours. If extra hours are required, Cloud Architect hourly rate applies.
• Cloud DevOps services are priced at *₪ 300 per hour, billing is charged based on monthly actual hours reported. The DevOps team builds and deploys the project.
• Cloud Architect and consulting services are priced at *₪ 385 per hour, billing is charged based on monthly actual hours reported. The architect works on building the blueprint diagram and defining cloud resources.

* Prices do not include VAT (Value added tax)