IUCC and Technion TCE hosted AWSome Day

AWSome Day | Technion | Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 2015

Just getting started with the Amazon Web Services Cloud? You’ve come to the right place!

Over 120 participants enjoyed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWSome Day, hosted by the Technion Computing Engineering Department and the IUCC Cloud Services Unit on the Technion Campus on December 23, 2015.

AWS Technical Instructors delivered the free one-day training. The day started with a session highlighting how customers are using AWS to develop, deploy and operate secure applications and IT services that improve agility and reduce costs. Next on the agenda were presentations on AWS foundational services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS. The day closed with an introduction to AWS deployment tools and techniques and the next steps to continue developing your knowledge.

Almost all of the attendees stayed until the very end and played close attention to all of the presenters. Stanislav Vonholsky, a real natural, impressed everyone with his command of the technical material. He had the audience on the edge of their seats and they were not eager to let him go! The feedback was incredibly positive and we hope this is just the first of many AWSome days to come!

AWSome Day Presentations

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The AWSome Day lectures are available HERE!!!

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