Users who require more computing power

The first advantage of the CSU is of course that it gives you access to powerful cloud systems, which offer you more resources than what you will usually get in the academy and will enable you to reduce the running time and get results more quickly, thus remaining competitive with other researchers.

Users who require scalability

For researchers that need an increasing amount of computing resources, cloud computing offers a very flexible system that can immediately adapt and accommodate their growing needs.

Users who are limited in funding

CSU can reduce the user’s costs, first by the very nature of cloud computing itself and secondly by offering expertise in utilising cloud services in the most efficient way. The cloud system adapts itself to the users’ changing workload, allocates resources accordingly and bills them according to the resources used, and one who knows how to utilise it in the most efficient way can significantly reduce the cost. In other words, with CSU the users get the optimal use of the money they spend.

Users who need help adapting their work to cloud computing

One disadvantage of the cloud provider is that they offer little customer service. The users are left to their own devices and have to adapt their code to the cloud environment by themselves. For those who have difficulties doing so, the CSU offers support from a team that specializes in adapting academic work to the cloud.

Users collaborating on the same project

Cloud computing gives you the ability to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously, and follow colleagues and records to receive critical updates in real time.

IT Managers

IT managers in the universities can use the cloud for disaster recovery, as well as offer the CSU as another service to their users.