The CSU billing system is a one-of-its-kind system created especially for CSU. The aim is to solve two of the main problems that academic researchers encounter when they want to work with public cloud providers, which are the providers’ demand to use credit card to pay for the service and the inability of the researchers to pre-pay for their projects. For many researchers this means that they cannot use their grant money to pay for it, and so they are prevented from working on the cloud. They are also apprehensive about the danger of making a programing error and exceeding their budget as a result.

The CSU billing system provides a pre-paid account and solves these problems. The idea is that the researcher decides how much money s/he wants to invest into a certain project, and pays for it in advance. The money is paid to the CSU (i.e. to IUCC), and the CSU then pays the cloud provider and instructs it to open an account for the project. Despite the extra mediator, the researchers pay the same amount they’d pay for cloud resources on the market. When the project has utilized 75% of the money, the researcher is given the first alert. A second alert is sent at the 80% mark, and at the 90% mark the account is alerted and suspended. The researcher can then add money to keep the project going or work on the data and store the output.

  • prepay for your project
  • use invoices
  • get notified on budget use