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The Cloud Service Unit (CSU) is a service offered by the Inter University Computation Center (IUCC). The idea of the CSU is to appropriate existing cloud services to the needs of the Israeli academy. The services are purchased from the leading public cloud providers on the Israeli market. A member of the Israeli academy can use the CSU to choose which of the cloud providers s/he wants to work with, and employ CSU’s billing system to purchase the required services from that provider. The researcher can then use the cloud’s abilities.

“The common wisdom in HPC communities is that both local clusters and cloud services have to be available to academic research units in order to obtain flexibility and make optimal usage of their resources. The CSU will help Israeli academia to open up to novel cloud computational resources. Hopefully it will boost and modernize research methodologies in fields like big data, genomics, astronomy and many other disciplines in sciences and engineering.”Prof. David Horn, Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Research Infrastructures in the academy