Cloud computing offers the scientific and research communities extraordinary new opportunities to build virtual research environments, to flexibly scale up their activities and to optimally utilize inherently limited funding resources. In order to meet and keep pace with the growing needs of Israel’s research and academic communities, the Israeli Inter University Computation Center (IUCC) at the initiative and funding of the planning and budgeting committee and in the light of recommendations of roadmap for centralized research infrastructures for the academy 2013 created this Cloud Service Unit (CSU), a service specifically suited for the academy. The aim of the CSU is to provide low-cost but top-quality cloud services to the academic community, with features that solve the problems that traditionally stand in the way of academic researchers buying cloud services on the market.

If you are part of the Israeli academic research community, this site offers you a portal to many and various cloud computing options, as well as a support team to help you whenever needed. Through our portal you will be able to purchase cloud resources from Israel's leading cloud providers. To learn about all the options before you and the advantages they carry, please begin by checking out the pages for Information, How Does it Work and Services.

"Advanced scientific research requires two critical components: excellent researchers striving relentlessly to expand beyond the limits of existing scientific understanding, and up-to-date research infrastructures."Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, Chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education in Israel

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