Google Cloud News

Google TCO (total cost of ownership) tool is up and running (since May 18th 2015). You can now compare your project TCO to Amazon Web Services and learn just what it will cost you for each resource. You can even use some templates to build your assessment. Link to Google’s TCO tool.

Google have reduced compute pricing by up to 30% and introduced a new class of virtual machine, Preemptible VMs, for short-duration batch jobs that is up to 70% cheaper than standard virtual machines.








If your workload is flexible, Google’s new Preemptible VMs will run your short-duration batch jobs 70% cheaper than regular VMs. Preemptible VMs are identical to regular VMs, except availability is subject to system supply and demand. Since Google runs Preemptible VMs on resources that would otherwise be idle, they can offer them at substantially reduced costs.




The CSU team succeeded in creating a VNC server on the Google Cloud and logging into it. Moreover, with the use of tunneling the team managed to run the connection through SSH (more secure, eliminates the need to open ports). The process was tested on Ubuntu and Centos servers. The ramification are that now it is much easier for users to transfer to the cloud (it is possible to keep using the GUI of their application/program), and they can more easily collaborate with other researchers around the world.